Letter 0

O is for OOBE


light beams

I think I see the light

I’ve had out-of-body experiences, or OOBEs, twice in my life. The first time was in my high-school geometry class when I was about sixteen. I must have been bored out of my mind (or is that out of my body?) because I fell into a trance state without even trying. Then I found myself starting to float upward while my physical body remained seated at my desk. It was the weirdest feeling. not scary at all. Just strange.

I didn’t get all the way out of my body. It was just my head and about half my torso that was actually outside. The rest of me was still in my body, I guess. That’s how it felt, anyway.

The second time I was in my early twenties. I was meditating on a mantra (a word you repeat over and over to focus the mind). Once again, I seemed to float up and part way out of my body. This time, my astral body or consciousness seemed to be turned a quarter turn away from my physical body. My physical head was still facing forward while my astral self was rotated over my right shoulder.

I’ve never gotten all the way out. In fact, other than in dreams, I’ve never been able to repeat these experiences at all. Even when I made a strong, conscious effort.

So has anyone else out there had any OOBEs?