Gage and Nova trilogy

Book 3 Gage and Nova Trilogy, Avery’s Crossing

I never should have told Nova I love her.

When I was ten, my mother sold my soul to the devil in return for my success in Hollywood. Turns out you can’t sell someone else’s soul. But Lucifer took my girlfriend anyway, as compensation for a deal he never honored in the first place. Now the woman I love is in hell because of me, and I’ll do whatever I must to rescue her. Even if I have to go to hell myself to bring her back.

There’s something strange about my new neighborhood. The houses, the apartments, the streets seem so empty. Where are all the people? My only companion, Declan, seems as lost as I feel. And while I like Declan, in my dreams I love a man named Gage. If only he were real…

Breaking Free is 67,500 words long.

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