Bedeviled, Gage & Nova Book 2

Book 2 in the Gage and Nova Trilogy

Bedeviled is Book 2 in the Gage and Nova trilogy, set in the fictional college town of Avery’s Crossing, Oregon. It’s available now at Amazon for $2.99. Because I have it in Kindle Select, I can’t post an excerpt, but I can post the book description.

When I walked away from Nova to return to L.A., I thought I was doing the right thing, protecting her from the darkness of my life. But now, I know I can’t make it without her. My soul is in hock to the devil, though, and I’d do anything to keep from endangering her. So my mission is clear: find a way out of The Deal. I only hope I can fix the mess before Nova gives up on me.

I tell myself I’m over Gage, that I don’t need him. But I know the truth. I’ll never be over him. I’ll always love him. He’s in L.A. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in almost two months. But lately, paranormal events seem to have invaded my life. Something dark and terrifying is stalking me, and it knows his name.

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Bad Company

Bad Company is Gage and Nova Book 1.

When you owe all your fame and fortune as an actor to a deal with the devil, your self-respect takes a beating. And when the devil threatens to murder anyone close to you, well, you take measures to ensure there aren’t any people like that in your life. I’ve existed this way so long I can’t remember anything else. But Nova, the hottest and most infuriating chick I’ve ever met, makes me want to change. Everything.

Getting snowed in with a cocky and demanding Hollywood star basically sucks. Except Gage surprises me. He’s more than just a gorgeous face and body, more than an actor and musician, even more than a man I could love. A terrible secret haunts him, and I’m determined to find out what it is.

Book 3, Breaking Free, is coming soon as well.