Isle of Avalon


An Isle of Apples, a fort of glass, the resting place of a fabled king–Arthur–who will someday return to save his people from a terrible danger. The mythical Avalon is a place of ancient magic. It’s been liked with a number of real places all over the world, but especially in Britain, where its story originates.

It could be Glastonbury, or maybe Ynys Enlli (Bardsley Island) off the coast of Wales.

When I was pondering my new fantasy series, Fortunata, Avalon inspired me, mainly as an otherworld where magical things happen. Originally I was going to call the world Annwn (pronounced AH-noon), which is the underworld of mythical Wales. But I ended up with Fortunata, from Insula Fortunata, or Fortunate Isle. That’s what the Romans called Avalon.