Tori Minard

Tori Minard has published nine novels, with two more currently in the works. She has three series: The Amaki (open-ended; she may write more books), Legends Of A Dark Empire (finished), and Avery’s Crossing (just begun). She’s also working on a new romance series, a portal fantasy called Fortunata.

She wrote her first story in pencil, sans paragraph breaks and quotation marks, for a third-grade class assignment. It was the dark and moving tale of a Halloween pumpkin. Unfortunately, the details of this gem have been lost to time. Her next story featured a large black dog who was really a demon in disguise. Apparently, Tori was born in paranormal mode.

Three years later, it dawned on her that she didn’t have to wait for the teacher’s permission to write fiction. She spent the entirety of her peculiar adolescence writing weird and romantic stories which embarrassed her parents and got her in trouble at school. Unfortunately for her ego, the teachers merely thought she was writing letters to friends.

Letters to friends! C’mon, this is dark, creative proto-Goth girl. Why would she write letters to friends when she could bring forth post-apocalyptic romances instead?

After a long detour for such grown-up pursuits as working boring full-time jobs (State of Alaska, U.S. Postal Service), getting married and having a child, she returned to her first love—storytelling. She was born and raised in Alaska, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son, and micro-dog. 


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