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Finished Fortunata Map at 100This is a map of a new fantasy world I created, called Madrisa. The action on this world takes place in an empire named Fortunata, which is also the name of the series I’m writing. I’m about three quarters of the way through the first book, Dirty Magic. Of course, they’ll be romances, like all my other work.

Fortunata is a portal fantasy, which means there’s a way for people from our world to travel into theirs, and vice versa. There’s a lot of forbidden magic and social rules around magic…who can work with it, what kind is allowable, what happens to the people who break the laws.

I’m also working on a new New Adult romance called Bad Company, about an actor with a heroin problem and the young woman he loves. This one is partly set in Avery’s Crossing, the same town where Rush takes place.  And I’m working on a fluffy erotic short piece called “Lemon Drop.”

As you can see, I tend to work on several pieces at once. I go back and forth between them, or put one on the back burner to bring out another for a while. I hope to have Dirty Magic out by the end of spring 2014 at the latest, and Bad Company at around the same time.

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