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Hi, and welcome to my website. I’m an indie writer of paranormal romance, with eighteen novels and several novellas currently available and a couple more on the way. On the site, I have a page that’s just a list of my books, with links to long excerpts (about 50 percent of the total length of each book).  I’ve also got a blog where I post free fiction and occasionally something about my subject matter (folklore, magic, that kind of thing). At the moment, it’s my newest novel, Dirty Magic–book one in the new Fortunata series. In the future, it’ll be mostly short stories and the occasional novella, all of which will go on sale after appearing on the blog for free.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here, check out the free fiction on my blog, and maybe find your way to my other work, which is available at major online retailers. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to contact me at toriminard@gmail.com.

Tori’s Newest Releases

termination dust

Termination Dust

He lives one block away in a different world.

When notorious bad boy Dex Morgan rescues innocent Cass from a bully, she’s stunned speechless. Why would a dangerous thug, a guy only interested in scoring sex and drugs, go out of his way to help a straitlaced girl like her? But as she gets to know him, she discovers a completely different Dex from his image.

He’s smarter, sexier, and far more dangerous than she’d ever imagined. He makes her want to throw away her good girl reputation forever.

Dex longs for Cass, but he knows there’s no place in his messed-up life for a sweet girl like her. Yet he can’t stay away from her no matter how bad they are for each other.

But when their worlds clash and Cass is forced to face the seedier side of Dex’s life, their love is shaken to its foundations. Will they prevail over disillusionment and separation or is Dex just Cass’s walk on the wild side?

Termination Dust is a complete novel with no cliffhangers. 110,000 words


Gage and Nova trilogy

Book 3 Gage and Nova Trilogy, Avery’s Crossing

Breaking Free: Book 3 in the Gage and Nova Trilogy (Avery’s Crossing)

Gage: I never should have told Nova I love her.

When I was ten, my mother sold my soul to the devil in return for my success in Hollywood. Turns out you can’t sell someone else’s soul. But Lucifer took my girlfriend anyway, as compensation for a deal he never honored in the first place. Now the woman I love is in hell because of me, and I’ll do whatever I must to rescue her. Even if I have to go to hell myself to bring her back.

Nova: There’s something strange about my new neighborhood. The houses, the apartments, the streets seem so empty. Where are all the people? My only companion, Declan, seems as lost as I feel. And while I like Declan, in my dreams I love a man named Gage. If only he were real…

 Breaking Free is a full-length novel of 67,500 words.



Bedeviled, Gage & Nova Book 2

Book 2 in the Gage and Nova Trilogy

Bedeviled: Book 2 in the Gage and Nova Trilogy (Avery’s Crossing)

Gage: When I walked away from Nova to return to L.A., I thought I was doing the right thing, protecting her from the darkness of my life. But now, I know I can’t make it without her. My soul is in hock to the devil, though, and I’d do anything to keep from endangering her. So my mission is clear: find a way out of The Deal. I only hope I can fix the mess before Nova gives up on me.

Nova: I tell myself I’m over Gage, that I don’t need him. But I know the truth. I’ll never be over him. I’ll always love him. He’s in L.A. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in almost two months. But lately, paranormal events seem to have invaded my life. Something dark and terrifying is stalking me, and it knows his name.

Let yourself get swept away in Gage and Nova’s passionate story as they struggle to overcome the barriers that separate them and prevent them from declaring their love. Bedeviled is a novel of 63,000 words



Bad Company

Bad Company: Gage and Nova Book 1

Bad Company: Gage and Nova Book 1


When you owe all your fame and fortune as an actor to a deal with the devil, your self-respect takes a beating. And when the devil threatens to murder anyone close to you, well, you take measures to ensure there aren’t any people like that in your life. I’ve existed this way so long I can’t remember anything else. But Nova, the hottest and most infuriating chick I’ve ever met, makes me want to change. Everything.


Getting snowed in with a cocky and demanding Hollywood star basically sucks. Except Gage surprises me. He’s more than just a gorgeous face and body, more than an actor and musician, even more than a man I could love. A terrible secret haunts him, and I’m determined to find out what it is.

taken by desire

Tales Of The Demon Kin


Impossible Love

Angel Promise, a high-ranking member of Novus Vita’s religious elite, thinks she knows the difference between right and wrong, especially where the loathsome Demon Kin are concerned. Until she meets Cain Desire, an unwilling test subject in the secret experimental facility she oversees. The Demon Kin breaks through her carefully erected barriers with ease, challenging all her beliefs about good and evil. But can soul-shaking passion be enough to overcome Promise’s lifetime of harsh training and unite them against those on both sides who wish to tear them apart?

Taken By Desire is a full-length novel of 91,000 words. Demon Kin stories can be read in any order.





mastered by love

Tales Of The Demon Kin


In a world that dooms men and women to slavery, love is just a fairytale.


To Princess Tariza of Concordia, men are little more than animals to be chained and controlled. Her despised enemy, Prince Dario of Saturnios, believes women are the ones who must be controlled. When they meet, the passion that draws them together infuriates them. But when Tariza’s life is threatened, fate forces them together as master and slave, unlikely allies in an intimate partnership that transforms all their preconceptions about men, women, and love, and that may ultimately destroy them both.

Mastered By Love is a 97,000 word full-length novel. Demon Kin stories can be read in any order. Previously published as On Her Knees by Tessa Tremaine.





taken by storm

Tales Of The Demon Kin


Used as a test subject in secret medical experiments conducted by his people’s fiercest enemies, Storm Kelzenec loses everything, even his identity, to the madness that consumes him. He knows nothing but the driving need to find and subdue a female.

When Mercy Wheaton’s captors lock her in with a crazed Demon Kin male, she knows he will destroy her. But she never imagines he will also set her free in this futuristic and searing hot romance.

Taken By Storm is a novella of 46,000 words. Tales Of The Demon Kin stories can be read in any order.


















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