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Hi, and welcome to my website. I’m an indie writer of paranormal romance, with twelve novels and several novellas currently available and a couple more on the way. On the site, I have a page that’s just a list of my books, with links to long excerpts (about 50 percent of the total length of each book).  I’ve also got a blog where I post free fiction and occasionally something about my subject matter (folklore, magic, that kind of thing). At the moment, it’s my newest novel, Dirty Magic–book one in the new Fortunata series. In the future, it’ll be mostly short stories and the occasional novella, all of which will go on sale after appearing on the blog for free.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here, check out the free fiction on my blog, and maybe find your way to my other work, which is available at major online retailers. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to contact me at

Tori’s Newest Releases

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Taken By Storm: Tales Of The Demon Kin


Used as a test subject in secret medical experiments conducted by his people’s fiercest enemies, Storm Kelzenec loses everything, even his identity, to the madness that consumes him. He knows nothing but the driving need to find and subdue a female.

When Mercy Wheaton’s captors lock her in with a crazed Demon Kin male, she knows he will destroy her. But she never imagines he will also set her free in this futuristic and searing hot romance.

Taken By Storm is a novella of 46,000 words. Tales Of The Demon Kin stories can be read in any order.








Dirty Magic cover

Dirty Magic proposed cover


Outcast and branded at 16 for practicing dirty magic, Vadryc Falyros lives on the shadowy edges of Fortunatan society. Now a master sorcerer, he seeks to conquer the forbidden jhidris lore and open a portal between his world and another. Then a betrayal by a trusted colleague brings death and three startled Americans into Vadryc’s home.

Crystal Damson is stunned to discover the fantasy novels she escaped to during her bleak adolescence describe a real place and their hero, Amryc, is a real person. But instead of falling into the arms of her literary crush, she finds herself tangled with his evil and sexy cousin Vadryc.

Yet nothing in Fortunata is quite what it seems, and as she and her friends embark on a life-changing journey through an alien land, she can’t help falling for the man she’d rather hate than love.






Darkness Embraced

Darkness Embraced: Legends Of A Dark Empire



Kidnapping Perrie Underhill–for her own protection, of course–brings more trouble into vampire Raphael Black’s life than he ever anticipated. The frail human defies him at every turn. As Empress Daranda’s oldest, most trusted advisor, Raphael can afford any luxury imaginable–except love and friendship. Yet Perrie will accept nothing less. As they struggle to understand each other, the passion between them flames higher and higher, leading Raphael to hope for the redemption he never thought possible. But the Dark Empire was built on terrible lies, and the secrets Perrie and Raphael keep from each other may tear them apart forever.

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Rush: An Avery’s Crossing Novel

College junior Caroline Winters thinks she’s happy in her sexually tepid relationship with Trent until the night she meets Max, his despised—and supposedly dangerous—stepbrother. In spite of Trent’s ominous warnings about his occult activities and devious nature, she can’t help liking Max, a former runaway who seems to understand her in a way no-one else ever has. Loyal to Trent, she tries to ignore the potent sexual attraction between her and his stepbrother, yet their passion becomes impossible to deny even as terrible secrets from Max’s past rise up to separate them. But Caroline is haunted by her own ghosts, both real and metaphorical, and only Max, with his occult expertise, can help her defeat them. Can she forgive the heartbreak he’s caused her and reunite with him to put both their pasts to rest? Rush is a New Adult paranormal romance.

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